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Whatever size or shape your windows and doors are, we can custom make your new blinds for a perfect fit every time. Choose from a huge range of styles and designs to suit every home or every need.

Roller Blinds

Different fabrics suit different needs, from those that gently filter light through to room darkening fabrics. There’s a roller blind to suit every situation and every budget.


  • Choose your light control, from filtered light to room darkening

  • Especially designed to withstand a harsh climate

  • Huge selection of colours and designs 

  • Available in Sheerview

  • translucent fabric 

  • Side-winder control chain system optional 

  • A range of trims to choose from

  • Motorisation also available

PVC Venetian blinds

TimberLike blinds are as stylish and good looking as the real thing, with the added double bonus of superb durability and affordability. Available in a range of plain and woodgrain finishes, they look as good as real timber but are especially suited to wet areas like kitchens, laundries and bathrooms because they won’t absorb moisture. The slats can also be washed in water; a big advantage in rooms like kitchens where dirt and grease can build up


  • Durable and affordable

  • Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries

  • Easy to clean

  • Available in a range of plain or wood grain finishes

Panel blinds

Panel blinds add a relaxed style to large windows, sliding and bi-fold doors. Tall vertical panels stack neatly to one side of the window for unobstructed views, and glide effortlessly closed for night-time privacy


  • Ideal for sliding and bi–fold doors 

  • Stylish, individual appearance 

  • Blind panels can easily be height adjusted 

  • Blind panels are opened and closed simply by pulling along the wand

Roman blinds

With their clean, modern lines, Roman blinds are a stylish and practical window covering that can be used alone, fitted inside or outside the window recess and co-ordinated with curtains and soft


  • Provide your windows with a clear view when fully open.

  • Total privacy when drawn at night.

  • Neat, simple lines to suit any décor.

  • Available in a choice of stylish designs.

  • Available in two styles; soft layered pleat or flat panel effect.

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Shutters are more than just a practical window covering; they offer a classic, timeless look that enhances any style home.

Alycore Plus PVC Shutters


  • Custom designed natural timber or white painted

  • Also available in durable PVC

  • Ideal for sliding, hinged, bi-fold and French doors

  • Suits casement, sash and aluminium windows

  • Excellent control of light and airflow

  • Privacy and insulation

  • Low maintenance, allergy free 

  • Fitted internally, externally, hinged, sliding or bi-folding

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Transform your home with our fantastic range of curtains, from elegant and formal styles through to pretty and casual, in a huge range of decorator colours, designs, prints, florals and abstracts.


Curtains have the dramatic ability to transform any room. The choice of styles available, from elegant and formal through to pretty and casual, means they can suit any style of home – new or old, traditional or contemporary. And the vast selection of fabrics available – in decorator colours, designs, prints, florals and abstracts – can be easily co-ordinated with blinds, accessories and soft furnishings


  • Huge range of fabrics to choose from

  • Complete range of matching accessories and soft furnishings

  • Team with tie-backs for a classic look

Sheer Curtains

Bring back the romance in your home with beautiful Sheer Curtains. Soft and whimsical, they gentle defuse light and provide a veil of privacy.


  • Motorised operation available

  • Sheer fabric softly diffuses light

WaveFold Curtains

Want to give your home a touch of timeless elegance with a contemporary spin? Look no further than our chic WaveFold Curtains. Custom made to suit any window or style, this style of curtain is created with unique fabric ‘wave’ folds that have earned it its name. Explore our large range of designer fabrics to select the perfect finish for your home.


  • Motorised operation available

  • Contemporary Classic

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Make the most of the outdoors with Custom Made Awnings

Fixed Guide

Fixed guide awnings are the perfect outdoor awning for homes with high, hard to reach windows. Even better, the awnings can be motorised to make life even easier.


  • Rope and pulley operation

  • Motorisation also available

Folding Arm

Ideal for large spaces, the Folding Arm awning can extend for up to 3 metres, with the ability to easily fold away. You can also angle the awning for optimum protection from the sun. 


  • Retractable cover with adjustable pitch

  • Instant shade protection

  • Up to three metres cover

Sante Fe Crank Drop

Sante Fe Crank Drop awnings are the outdoor blinds solution for patios and alfresco spaces there guides cannot be used. The simply crank mechanism allows for easy operation.


  • Relief from heat and glare

  • Manual Crank Operation

  • Wide range of fabrics

Paris Cafe 

Paris Cafe awnings are a cost effective option for patios, decks and alfresco areas. Made from clear PVC material, they can be operated with a simple rope and pulley system. 


  • Great for outdoor areas to protect from the elements

  • Easy to operate

  • Can fit around gables, angles, posts and other obstacles

  • Available in clear PVC fabric

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